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Another black man named Freud died. What’s the real cause of his death

The death of black George Floyd in the United States caused protests and riots have not yet subsided, 5 U. S. media reported that a black prisoner in New York was killed after spraying pepper spray in his cell. Coincidentally, the black man was also called Freud.Do you know What’s the real cause of his death?

The death of George Floyd’s death in the United States has not yet subsided. The US media reported on the 5 day that a black prisoner in New York was killed after spraying pepper spray in his cell. Coincidentally, the black man was also called Freud.

According to American Broadcasting Company (ABC) 5 reported that the United States Prison Administration (BOP) issued a statement that Broolyn’s Metropolitan detention center of a black prisoner in the cell after spraying pepper spray, died on Wednesday (3). The media quoted sources as saying that the man died of a heart attack.

According to the statement, the prisoner is Jamil Freud, 35 years old. At the time of the incident, he shut himself in the cell and tried to break the windows of the cell with metal objects. According to the BOP, this is a kind of “destructive behavior, with potential harm to himself and others”. ABC said the prison guards sprayed pepper spray at that time. Soon after, Jamal Freud was hospitalized and died. Hennepin County medical examiner released the final autopsy results of George Freud, an African American who was “killed on his knees” by police. The report showed that the cause of Freud’s death was cardiopulmonary arrest or cardiac arrest.

According to the latest news from CNN, Dr. Andrew Baker, who is in charge of Freud’s autopsy, reported that although Freud was forced to press his neck on the knee by former police officer Derek Shaw for more than 8 minutes before his death, it could not be concluded that this was the direct cause of Freud’s death.

The new report showed that Freud had bruises and wounds on his head, face, mouth, shoulders, arms and legs, but no evidence that these injuries would directly lead to his death. The autopsy report also showed that Freud had heart disease and high blood pressure, and the preliminary toxicology report found that the content of fentanyl and methamphetamine in his body was moderate.

An independent autopsy commissioned by Freud disagreed with the county’s conclusion that Freud died of “constant stress suffocation.”. It is reported that the independent autopsy agency did not provide toxicological reports.

In addition, novel coronavirus test results were positive in the county’s autopsy report, but there was no indication that Freud’s new coronavirus was a factor causing his death.

According to the previous report, Derek Chauvin, the police chief who killed Freud by locking his throat with his knee, was charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. On Wednesday afternoon local time, Minnesota attorney general Alison updated the charges against the principal offender, Xiao Wan, to second degree murder and second degree manslaughter. In addition, three other police officers involved in the case were charged with secondary murder and secondary manslaughter aiding abetting. At present, four police officers have been detained, but Ellison said the conviction of the police involved in the case “will be very difficult”

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Cause of Death
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